Social Connect is an institution that works to achieve a collaboration among various stakeholders of society from individual to communities to government.

In that regard we take up the role of a think tank, consultant and a networking agency.

As a consultant, we provide various services to social sector organisations such as designing surveys,  planning strategies, monitoring and evaluation of their projects etc.

As a networking agency, we provide NGOs with passionate volunteers and also connect them with experts to help them overcome any difficulty.

We also provide a platform to those who wants to share their observations, ideas, thoughts or queries with the people in order to create a culture of better thoughts. This initiative aims to connect people who are working for the same cause so as to learn from each other.

We bring with us:

  • A passion for social change; using evidence to make the world a better place.
  • A commitment to social enterprise, i.e. developing more enterprising and sustainable services.
  • A focus on outcomes; planning them, measuring them, valuing then, delivering them, etc.

Our biggest asset is our people. Passion, experience, and energy are the essential traits of everyone that works with us.