The smile that emanates pain instead of joy3 min read

Have you ever imagined your life devoid of basic necessities like food, clothes, money, electricity, water, education etc? You might not even dare to think of such a thing, as it seems quite impossible. In fact, in the twenty-first century, one can’t sustain himself without these. Where one single day becomes tough without an internet connection or a smartphone, these thoughts bring the greatest fears. Today, our lives revolve around luxuries; cars, phones, expensive food joints, house etc.

At the same time, there are people who coexist with us, in some corner of the country, struggling for survival. Whose life starts with the worries of getting a mouthful of food and ends with an aching stomach and jobless situation.

This is not an inspirational story of a successful businessman, which might be interesting to read. But if you can get the depth of the pain which I am going to write, you may feel the urge to read more. It’s the story of a sixteen years old boy named Babu ram, who runs a petty shop in the Merpur village of the Udaipur district of Rajasthan, who lost his childhood without any of his fault and is progressing towards a world of darkness.

The village he stays in is completely dominated by tribal communities, many incidents of crime and alcoholism, and lacks of the facilities of depriving education have been reported. If we can’t open our eyes to this, then we are equally at fault for making the world of this boy and many such youth, gloomy. At a very tender age, life showed him the bitter side. He runs a small candy shop in a dilapidated public resting shed, in front of a school. His friends who have dropped out of the schools, are working at some construction sites. The financial condition of his family didn’t support him to even see a school, let alone get educated. He never got to know the alphabets, the numbers, colours and basic morals of education. He doesn’t even have a memory of getting beaten by a teacher which he can cherish now. He didn’t get a chance to wear a school uniform, walk across the hill with books in hand. Though basic education is only upto class five, that also he failed to get. He spent his childhood, toiling hard on the fields and looking after his sisters.

When I asked him”why have you opened your shop here, in front of a school?”, his answer touched my heart.

He said ”I feel happy when I see the children going to school, playing with their friends, figting for a small toffee, getting scolded by the teacher to maintain silence.”

I feel good when they come to my shop and ask for candy and I tell them to give the money tomorrow. I couldn’t experience all these, so I’m enjoying by seeing those kids”.

He sees his long lost childhood in them.

Then I realized that life is not about getting admission into reputed colleges or running after lucrative jobs, life is what this boy has seen. He doesn’t have any dream or hope. He is oblivious of the other side of the luxurious world and simply enjoys the sight of these small kids. A few containers of candies, some chips packet hanging on the wall and a smile on face, this is what his world looks like. He can have a better future if we understand the gravity of this situation. Life shouldn’t end the way he started it, he surely has better things to experience. We, the youth should take the responsibility of shaping the life of this youth. To get the complete strength of a knife, we must sharpen both of its sides. But in the chase of luxurious life, we are going away from the deprived youth who have a role in the development of nation. An eagle view of our country would tell us that, we are working towards educating the privileged class, we are emphasizing on one aspect of the nation, what about the poor and the aggrieved?

They dwell in dark, dingy places, deficient of education and facilities. How is the country supposed to develop completely if the poor fail to get the necessary attention? When their woes fall in the ears of the deaf, we can’t dream of a golden age.

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