Our country is facing various social challenges, like unemployment, healthcare and education. But are our services and institutions capable of rising to these challenges? Do we need to rethink the way in which we respond?

We bring together multi-disciplinary teams to help transform public services and get new social ventures off the ground. We contribute in a variety of ways.

  • Co-production. We work with citizens, service users, and public sector staff to involve them as co-designers and co-producers of services.
  • Service redesign. We help the leadership and management of public services to think creatively about alternative models of delivery.
  • Options assessment. We carry out feasibility studies and option appraisals to test ideas, refine them, and make them happen.
  • New ventures. We supply evidence and knowledge that can inform the rapid development of, or investment in, new social enterprises.
  • Sharing knowledge. We can help to capture learning, make connections, manage networks, and share evidence about successful social innovations.

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