Continuing from the part 1 of this observation, here we have summarized the details of Youth Resource Centre (YRC).

Project methodology.

The approach has been taken by keeping the objective of the project in mind. As the objective is to increase community engagement and youth participation in the village through the Youth Resource Centre (YRC) and charting out Village Youth Development Plan (VYDP) so, it has been decided to transform the existing YRC into model YRC which could help to reach the objective.

Youth Resource Centre (YRC) is to provide opportunity for holistic development of youth including adolescents for realization of their fullest potential; it has to work as an intermediate tier between youth and other district resource agencies (Government and Non-government).

Activities under YRC –

  1. Physical activities: Activities like games and sports, cultural fest, painting competition, dance & singing competition etc could be incorporated in the schedule of YRC to increase the level of youth participation in the YRC.
  2. Information about the schemes and program of Rural Development and community welfare: Youth could be empowered by providing information about the existing schemes and program of rural development and Youth development. Example: MGNERGA, IAY, SGSY, PMGSY, NSAP, PURA etc.
  3. Parents and adolescent counseling center: As it has been observed that thought of the parents shape the child’s future so we thought of working on providing guidance and counseling on the value of education and role of their children in shaping the future of village as well as the country.
  4. Workshop, lectures and group discussions on the theme of youth development: Workshop of youth employability, Livelihood and Entrepreneurship and discussion on youth participation and youth engagement, youth & HIV/AIDS, about formal education etc. are has been included in the project.
  5. Career counseling center: As it has been observed that students after passing class 12 they usually go for either Bachelor of Arts or end their studies. They usually not aware of the scope of higher education after class. So the project has included providing career and guidance counseling to class 10 to 12th students as of the objective.
  6. Remedial Coaching Centre: As there is only one government higher secondary school catering the children’s of 4- 5 villages and which comprises of only two teachers who even not qualified to teach the secondary students which result in the poor performance of the students. Taking into account this challenge of the students, the project has included remedial coaching centre as part of YRC activities to provide free tuition to the needy students after school hour.
  7. Skill development training: It has been found that the ratio of male and female in the village is quite equal. The number of female population is quite same with the population of the male. Though male go outside in search of employment but female have been restricting their freedom within the boundary of home only. The responsibilities of the women are to cook food, taking care of cattle’s, fetching water & firewood’s etc. so we thought of breaking the barrier of the women and facilitating them to come out from the comfort zone. In regard to that project has included the providing of skill development or vocation training which could help them in generating the livelihood.Interventions
    Intervention 1 : At the beginning of YRC:                                                                    At the present:
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Intervention 2: Awareness camp on issue pertaining in the village  

Intervention 3: Games & sports among the youth

Intervention 4: Computer classes for the interested youth

Intervention 5: Remedial Coaching Classes

Intervention 6: Stitching training to young adolescent girls and women

Intervention 7: Setting up of Education centre for kids

Siniariya is a small phala, in the Merpur Village (My project location). Very few people in the country might have heard of the village. The tribal dominated village is located around 80 kilometers away from Udaipur city. There is no scope to acquire education in the village. There are nearly 70 children who have never seen school. The village is under-developed. People cultivate their lands with wheat, maize, and chickpeas. They survive on these crops throughout the year. People know how to survive, but poverty prevents them from living a dignified life. People living in the village survive on a very low income and survive on very basic food items. Many families have 8-10 children. Grinding poverty prevents parents from buying warm clothes for their children. Children enjoy playing on the river banks. They sell vegetables on the roadside instead of studying in a school.


  • Number of Youth enrollment in the YRC increases from 40 to 250
  • 50 adolescent girls and women have successfully completed six-month training on stitching training and 3 of them started their own tailoring shop.
  • 40 remedial coaching class attendants have successfully passed class 10th and 12th exam of 2017.
  • 30 youth have completed basic computer classes in the YRC
  • Change in the confidence level of the youth. The students who were cannot able to speak confidently in public domain can able talk and express their view freely and confidently.
  • Reduced in the gap between girls and boys. Before girls and boys were feel shy to talk freely, there was the lack of awareness about the co-education and now they can share common space and discuss, talk freely.
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The different intervention which has been planned under the project will be coordinated by chosen and selected young person who will be belonging from the village itself.

My Achievement:

“Young Achiever Award 2017” from Vision India Foundation and Quality Conclave of India

Being an SBI Youth for India fellow, I am really passionate to do some small contribution for the children. I am planning to set up a model education centre (Humara School) for the children where they can experience the same level of education that one experience in the city, schools. For that we have applied for crowd funding in online platform





Dibyajyoti Gogoi is development professional at kudumbashree, Kerala. He is a former SBI YFI fellow at Seva Mandir(2016-17) and Young Achiever Award 2017 Winner Phone: +91 9799889893 Email: Linkedin: