Nowadays it is very important for organisations to check how much their services are relevant to the society needs. This is not an easy task as the goals are more qualitative and not just quantitative!.

Social Connect help organisations to measure the un-measurable. We do this by providing training, mentoring, and consultancy in a range of techniques.
Our services cover all the bases.

  • Planning outcomes. Designing the plan so that its outcomes can be visualized in a simple manner
  • Measuring outcomes. Using various indicators to measure the outcomes 
  • Valuing outcomes. We also focus on the economic aspects of the outcomes so that organisation profits are not compromised. 

It’s not just about the numbers you gather though; it’s about the story you tell. That’s why we focus on presenting evidence in a simple, accurate, and compelling way. Narrative, numbers, visuals, video; we combine them to good effect.

Are you committed to telling the world about your social impact?
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